AWS Unveils HealthScribe to Assist Healthcare Workers with Clinical Documentation

AWS HealthScribe is designed to generate clinical notes for two medical specialists- general medicine and orthopedics. 

AWS (Amazon Web Service) has rolled out HealthScribe, a new service for healthcare software providers powered by Amazon Bedrock. The IT service management company announced the AI tool on July 26th at the AWS Summit New York. According to the announcement, AWS HealthScribe uses generative AI and speech recognition to draft clinical documentation. This new service will save clinicians time and make their jobs easier.

AWS Announces HealthScribe

With AWS HealthScribe, healthcare software providers will be able to access swift integration of generative AI. These providers will be able to deploy generative AI capabilities into their applications. This skips the interference of machine learning infrastructure. Also, AWS HealthScribe allows healthcare software providers to “create robust transcripts, extract key details (e.g., medical terms and medications), and create summaries from doctor-patient discussions that can then be entered into an electronic health record (EHR) system.” After the technological tool generates the text, the physicians can double-check the result with the original transcript.

Doctors and nurses have been battling with the pain of clinical documentation for years. The American Medical Association revealed in a 2016 study that health workers spend almost two hours on administrative work for every hour spent with a patient within the clinical day. The study further finds that physicians spend an additional one to two hours of personal time outside office hours on computers and other clerical work. However, generative AI is gradually transforming many industries, including healthcare, as seen in the case of AWS HealthScribe.

In addition to enhancing clinical productivity, AWS Healthcare also protects patient privacy using a HIPAA-eligible service for telehealth and in-clinic consultations.

“AWS HealthScribe is an AI-powered, HIPAA-eligible health service that enables healthcare software providers to build clinical applications that save clinicians time by automatically creating transcripts, generating notes, and analyzing patient-clinician conversations.”

Healthcare Software Providers to Adopt HealthScribe

Upon integrating AWS HealthScribe into a clinical application, healthcare software providers can utilize the service’s built-in text-to-speech features. After then, HealthScribe will extract medical terms and generate detailed notes that include reasons for patient visits, medical history, and major takeaways, which the health workers can review and finalize in the electronic health record.

Per the announcement, AWS HealthScribe is designed to generate clinical notes for two medical specialists- general medicine and orthopedics.

Microsoft has been working on reducing the administrative workload on health practitioners. Last month, Microsoft-owned Nuance Communications said its AI-powered clinical notes application would integrate Epic Systems. The Epic community welcomed the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience Express (DAX Express) solution, building on a long-term partnership.

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