Binance Becomes First Crypto Exchange to Get Operational MVP License in Dubai

With this license, Binance can now offer approved virtual asset services, further solidifying its reputation as a responsible player in the crypto market.

Binance has become the world’s first exchange to secure an operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) license from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). This milestone grants Binance the privilege to provide exchange and broker-dealer services to institutional and retail investors under VARA’s authorization.

The journey began when Binance acquired its provisional license in Dubai in March 2022, followed by a preparatory MVP in September of the same year. The preparatory MVP allowed the exchange to offer a curated selection of assets exclusively to some qualified clients.

With the operational MVP license, Binance can offer approved virtual asset services, further solidifying its reputation as a responsible player in the crypto market. It also shows the crypto exchange’s commitment to compliance with local regulators across its service jurisdictions.

This milestone translates to an expanded scope of services for users, enhanced security, and collaborative efforts with Dubai’s regulatory authorities to ensure efficient operations. Users can now safely convert virtual assets to fiat while adhering to the highest regulatory standards. These instil trust and confidence in the Dubai Binance community.

Dubai-based clients of Binance can now enjoy the platform, knowing they are safeguarded by VARA’s investor protection provisions and market assurance standards that ensure a safe and reliable trading environment.

Alexander Chehade, the general manager for Binance in Dubai, expressing his enthusiasm about the new operational license, said:

“Dubai has solidified its position as a global virtual asset hub, and we are thrilled to be part of this growth story as we continue to prioritize market and investor security. With the operational MVP license, all users onboarded through our platform can expect access to a trusted and regulated service that places a premium on security and adherence to VARA’s virtual asset regulations.”

Binance’s Regulatory Moves Could Increase Trust in Crypto

For Binance, securing the operational MVP license reinforces its commitment to collaborative efforts with regulators worldwide. This achievement is poised to instill greater trust in cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, particularly as other companies emulate a similar commitment to due diligence processes.

While global adherence to various regulatory standards proves beneficial for the entire crypto ecosystem, it’s important to recognize that many countries are still in the nascent stages of implementing proper regulations for virtual currencies. With that, crypto exchanges often run into trouble, as the unclear regulatory procedures could be tricky to interpret.

The UAE has consistently embraced crypto and blockchain solutions. Binance’s progress toward obtaining a Full Market Product License can help other crypto exchanges get properly licensed in the country faster, facilitating the establishment of proper licensing and regulation for the crypto industry.

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