CoinShares Sees Remarkable Revenue Growth in Q2 2023

The CoinShares CEO said there was a significant involvement of TradFi institutions in the crypto industry.

Digital asset manager CoinShares recorded a spike in its Q2 2023 revenue, contributing to its strongest quarter since the beginning of 2022. According to the CoinShares Q2 2023 report, the total quarterly revenue increased 33% from £14.9 million in Q2 2022 to £20.3 million. It also added that its profits for the three months was £5.3 million. This signifies a loss of £0.6 million recorded in Q2 2022.

During Q2 2023, CoinShares’ 15% YoY decline in asset management fees to £10.6 million was offset by a $10 million gain in capital markets operations. Meanwhile, the company’s assets under management as of 30th June 2023 were £2.14 billion, showing a significant addition since the end of 2022. Between last December and June, the AUM figure rose 49%, mainly because of the digital asset price recovery within the first six months of 2023.

CoinShares in Q2 2023

Speaking on the Q2 2023 performance, CoinShares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti mentioned two major developments that happened in the digital assets space during the quarter. He referred to the regulator’s actions against prominent industry players. Mognetti talked about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN). According to the CEO, the actions are positive indications of the development of traditional finance (TradFi).

In addition, the CoinShares CEO said there was a significant involvement of TradFi institutions in the crypto industry. Many traditional finance firms are beginning to push further into the cryptocurrency market, like in the case of BlackRock (NYSE: BLK). The investment management company filed to offer a Bitcoin Spot ETF and is now close to launch. After the company submitted the proposal to the SEC last month, the crypto community is optimistic that the Commission will give approval. If this happens, BlackRock will be the first asset manager to roll out a fund that tracks the price of Bitcoin. Following the company’s filing with the SEC, Invesco, WisdomTree, and VanEck followed suit. Noting the impact on the vital industry and the company’s Q2 2023 performance, Mognetti noted:

“These actions underscore a clear trajectory towards the institutionalisation of the digital asset industry. This trend reaffirms our role as pioneers at CoinShares, and strongly validates our initial thesis. We have always envisioned that CoinShares would be a conduit for investors to seamlessly integrate digital assets into their portfolio. We believe that the broad-based adoption of digital assets will spread through traditional financial instruments designed by conventional financial institutions and available on favoured broker platforms.”

Looking ahead, CoinShares revealed plans to increase institutional and investors’ demand for advanced products. Hence, the company announced the launch of its Active Asset Management unit last quarter.

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