Surf Air: I’m Not Willing To Take The Risk Yet (NYSE:SRFM)

Takeoff from Tortuguero airstrip in cockpit of Cessna Caravan, Costa Rica

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Surf Air (NYSE:SRFM) has acquired Southern Airways and direct listed on the NYSE last week. This is a big gamble for a company with low cash levels and negative earnings. It’s also a big

Operating Losses* Mar 31, 2023 (QTR) Dec 31, 2022 (YR) 2023 Annualized
Surf Air -$12.048 -$50.904 -$48.192
Southern Airways -$1.868 -$4.012 -$7.472
Total -$13.916 -$54.916 -$55.664

Surf Southern
Cash flows from Operations -$28.037 Million -$479 Thousand
Cash flows from Investing -$298 Thousand -$204 Thousand
Cash flows from Financing $27.637 Million $720 Thousand

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