Dentsu Group Inc. (DNTUF) Q2 2023 Earnings Call Transcript

Dentsu Group Inc. (OTCPK:DNTUF) Q2 2023 Results Conference Call August 14, 2023 6:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Hiroshi Igarashi – President, CEO

Nick Priday – Executive Officer, CFO & Director

Michael Komasinski – CEO of Dentsu Americas & CEO of CXM & International Markets

Norihiro Kuretani – Chief Executive Officer of Japan

Conference Call Participants

Fiona Orford-Williams – Edison Group

Eiji Maeda – SMBC Nikko Securities

Akitomo Kishimoto – Mizuho Securities


Welcome to the Dentsu 2023 First Half Earnings Call.

This is a reminder that today’s call is being recorded. This call will be held in Japanese and English with simultaneous translation for those joining online. [Operator Instructions]

[Foreign Language] Today’s presentation materials are available on the Dentsu Group website.

Joining me today are CEO, Dentsu Group Inc., Hiroshi Igarashi.

Hiroshi Igarashi

[Foreign Language]


CFO, Dentsu Group Inc., Nick Priday.

Nick Priday

Hi, everybody. This is Nick Priday.


CEO, Dentsu Americas, and CEO, CXM International Markets Dentsu, Michael Komasinski.

Michael Komasinski

Hi, everyone. Good morning, good evening.


CEO, Dentsu Japan, Norihiro Kuretani.

Norihiro Kuretani

[Foreign Language]


The agenda for today will start with business update from CEO, Hiroshi Igarashi. CFO, Nick Priday will then present the financial update followed by CEO strategic update from Hiroshi Igarashi. We will invite you to ask questions after the presentations.

Mr. Igarashi, please go ahead.

Hiroshi Igarashi

Good evening, and thank you for joining our first half earnings call. First of all, I would like to say a couple of words. Group companies within Japan, namely Dentsu Hokkaido Inc. and Dentsu Promotion Exe Inc. have recently reported on overcharges in relation to a project commissioned by the Hokkaido government.

We have disclosed details of this matter on each of the group company’s website. But I would like to reiterate that

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