Vital Energy Stock: Strong Oil Production Performance (NYSE:VTLE)

Oil field site, in the evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected in the water


Vital Energy’s (NYSE:VTLE) operational performance has been pretty good so far in 2023. It has increased its oil production guidance for the year by approximately 8% (excluding the impact of acquisitions). Including acquisitions, Vital’s oil production may end up

Barrels/Mcf $ Per Barrel/Mcf (Realized) $ Million
Oil 8,077,600 $79.25 $640
NGLs 4,214,980 $15.00 $63
Natural Gas 26,322,120 $2.10 $55
Hedge Value -$18
Total Revenue $740

$ Million
Lease Operating Expense $123
Production and Ad Valorem Taxes $49
Marketing and Transportation $20
Cash G&A $37
Interest $70
Capital Expenditures $345
Total Expenses $644

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