Base: Assessing Coinbase’s New L2 Network

World cryptocurrency. Ethereum coin in purple neon light close-up. Financial system of the future - Ukraine, Izmail 17.03.22

Oleksandr Shatyrov

In my last article covering Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), I focused mainly on what I felt the recent ruling in the Ripple (XRP-USD) case meant for Coinbase’s ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In

Monthly Average DAUs July 2023 August 2023*
Polygon 383,417 384,887
Arbitrum 158,851 147,822
Optimism 100,212 112,199
Starknet 95,074 120,768
Base 7,521 82,765

Base July August Total
Fees $0.90m $2.56m $3.46m
Expenses $0.19m $0.93m $1.12m
Earnings $0.71m $1.63m $2.34m
Profit Margin 79.3% 63.6% 67.7%

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