Snapchat Dives Deeper into Generative AI with ‘Dreams’

This idea shares similarities with the functionalities already offered by a range of AI-driven photo applications accessible on the App Store. 

After the successful launch of My AI chatbot, Snapchat is all set to introduce a brand-new feature known as “Dreams”. This upcoming addition takes Snapchat’s AI game up a notch, allowing users to blend their own imagery with AI-generated landscapes.

Unlike the chatbot, which was recently upgraded to respond to users’ queries using a snap instead of texts, the company’s new AI endeavor aims to bring out users’ creativity, where you and your friends can be placed in an imaginative background.

Snapchat Dives Deeper into the World of AI

According to app researcher and developer Steve Moser, the company has been working on new AI features, allowing users to snap selfies or upload their favorite pictures directly on the platform. The app’s creative engine comes alive in response, generating innovative images that place them in imagined scenarios.

This idea shares similarities with the functionalities already offered by a range of AI-driven photo applications accessible on the App Store.

Last month, one such app called Remini gained immense popularity on TikTok. Remini took users by storm after discovering they could upload their selfies on the app to generate a collection of polished, professional-grade headshots tailor-made for LinkedIn without needing an expensive professional photoshoot.

Extraordinary Imaginative Scenes

However, the company’s vision for Dreams goes beyond creating professional headshots. According to Steve Moser’s research, its plan for the product includes using AI-generated self-portraits to put users in extraordinary, imaginative scenes. To achieve this, Snapchat would require clear and unobstructed self-portraits to generate these images effectively.

In addition to immersing in these AI-crafted “Dreams”, Snapchat is in the works to introduce another feature “Dreams with Friends”. As Steve Moser’s probing uncovered, this functionality allows users to share the joy of crafting AI-generated “dream” images with their pals. He also hinted at the possibility of buying “Dream Packs” within the Snapchat app, suggesting that this feature might become a future monetization avenue.

Snapchat Users Frightened with AI Malfunctionality

Snapchat’s impending launch of Dreams follows closely on the heels of a recent incident that left some users baffled and concerned. The unexpected glitch that occurred a few days ago led to an outcry from users who experienced a temporary malfunction of the platform’s features. Specifically, the company’s AI assistant posted a live update to its profile last week and abruptly ceased responding to user messages.

The My AI feature, which relies on the widely known AI chatbot tool ChatGPT, is designed to provide recommendations, answer inquiries, and engage in conversations with users. However, the unexpected act of posting a live Story – a short video showcasing what appeared to be a wall – caught users off guard.

Usually reserved for human users, this action was a departure from the norm and drew attention for its unusual nature.

Perturbed by the situation, Snapchat users turned to social media platforms to voice their confusion. One user asked:

“Why does My AI display a video of the wall and ceiling in their home as their story? This seems highly unusual and genuinely unsettling.”

In response to the incident, a Snapchat spokesperson clarified that the unexpected behavior was not a deliberate attempt to enhance the realism of its My AI tool. Instead, it was a result of a glitch.

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