Bloodshed On REIT Street: 5 High-Quality Landlords I’m Buying For The Long Haul

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I’m like a kid in the candy store in this market.

To explain why, let me back up and explain where I’m coming from.

My goal as a dividend growth investor is to generate the

Rental Revenue (Growing 5% Per Year) Interest Expense (Growing 25% Per Year) Revenue Growth Minus Interest Growth
Year 1 $10,000 $500
Year 2 $10,500 $625 $375
Year 3 $11,025 $781 $369
Year 4 $11,576 $976 $356
Year 5 $12,155 $1,220 $335

Investment Grade Tenancy 68% 40%
Net Debt To EBITDA 4.5x 5.3x
Debt Maturing Before 2028 6% 47%
5-Year Avg. Dividend Growth Rate 7% 4%

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