DRDGOLD Limited (DRD) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE:DRD) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call August 24, 2023 4:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Niel Pretorius – CEO

Riaan Davel – CFO

Jaco Schoeman – COO

Conference Call Participants

Niel Pretorius

Good morning, everyone, and thank you very much for joining myself, Riaan and Jaco for our results presentation for the financial year ending the June 30, 2023.

Before we start — all right. I think this is somebody who needs to go on to mute. Thank you. Before we start, I think maybe just a moment to remember Derek Watts, who passed away yesterday. I think we all remember Derek is a fearless journalist with integrity, relentless pursuit to the truth (ph). And I think he state for certainty leaving a gap in the community, the media community.

Moving on to the first page. That is our disclaimer. We are keeping the content of this presentation fairly light. We’re not going to go into a lot of detail, really just the highlights and the events that impacted and contributed to our financial operating performance this year. We’ll obviously deal with everything from more extensively in our integrated report.

Just in terms of highlights, the key group features for this year, see that on the back of a very good gold price. Our revenue is up 7% for the year, and that also contributed to an 8% increase in operating profit of just over ZAR1.8 billion. That in turn contributed to a very nice increase in headline earnings, a 14% increase of just 14% or rather 14% to just over ZAR1.2 billion, and that has enabled us to pay, 16th consecutive dividend.

We’re topping up the interim dividend by another ZAR0.65 to take the total dividend for the year to ZAR0.85. And I remind myself that being a shareholder

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