South Korea’s Answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Naver also announced its generative AI search service – CUE. It plans to begin beta testing CUE in September.

South Korean internet portal operator, Naver Corp, has jumped on the generative AI frenzy, launching the CLOVA X chatbot. It also unveiled a hyperscale AI model – HyperCLOVA X.

Hyper CLOVA X will power the various AI services of Naver Corp, using its supercomputing and data analysis capabilities. According to Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon, the firm has applied its experience running a web search portal and online store to develop a technologically competitive AI model. Consequently, the new chatbot, CLOVA X will also run on it.

According to the company, it will begin beta testing CLOVA X on Aug. 24

CLOVA X to Target Niche Market

While ChatGPT may have the first mover advantage, Naver has tapped its unique expertise in the Korean culture and language to develop CLOVA X. Thus, unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard AI, and Microsoft’s Bing AI which generates their their texts in English, CLOVA X will generate texts and responses to human queries in Korean language.

Further, the company is going to focus on niche markets that the US and Chinese tech giants have not yet addressed. Naver Corp plans to address non-English speaking countries like Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. It also noted its intentions to develop localized AI applications for politically sensitive countries in the Middle East.

Naver Corp: Expect More Innovation

Alongside CLOVA X, Naver also announced its generative AI search service – CUE. It plans to begin beta testing CUE in September.

Already, Naver Corp has spent $754 million on its AI development efforts over five years. To further accelerate its efforts, the firm is also working to open a data center by November in Sejong. The data center will have about 600,000 servers and serve as the brain for the company’s AI hyperscaling efforts.

Likewise, the company noted it was working with Samsung Technologies to develop more advanced chips. These chips are expected to support the company’s AI technology development.

According to CEO Choi, “Naver is ready to face the new change opened by generative AI.” He also noted that the company will support its “sellers, creators and partners to encourage their diversity and grow further” with its technology.

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