Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited (BAOS) Q2 2023 Earnings Call Transcript

Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:BAOS) Q2 2023 Results Conference Call August 31, 2023 1:30 AM ET

Company Participants

Zou Jixin – Baosteel Board Director

Wu Xiaodi – Baosteel Board Director, General Manager

Xie Rong – Baosteel Inc. Board Director

Fu Jianguo – Baosteel Vice General Manager

Wang Juan – Vice GM of Baosteel and Secretary of Board of Director

Wang Juan

Distinguish investors and listeners good afternoon. Welcome you to participate in the Baosteel 1H 2023 Results Release. First of all, please allow me to introduce you the VIP guest and Board of Directors participated in today’s meeting today. They are the Baosteel Board Director, Mr. Zou Jixin; Baosteel Board Director, General Manager, Mr. Wu Xiaodi; Baosteel Inc. Board Director, Mr. Xie Rong, Baosteel Vice General Manager, Mr. Fu Jianguo and I myself is your old friend, the Vice GM of Baosteel and Secretary of the Board of Director, Ms. Madam Wang Juan.

So, as you all know, since the letter half of this year, whether the capital market or the steel industry have all entered a quite downturn and also with this kind of situation, I believe that you start to pay more attention to the industry as well as our company. Therefore, for our company in the half year, what did we do? And in the future, what is our plan? And also for our industries, what is our view? Well, now let’s invite Mr. Zou Jixin, the Board of Director of Baosteel Group to make presentation.

Let’s welcome Mr. Zou.

Zou Jixin

Distinguish investor friends, good afternoon. I’d like to really thank all of you our dear investment friends for your long-term support to the Baoshan Iron & Steel Corporation Limited. So, now I would like to represent the Company to share with you our performances in the beginning half of this

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