Google Updates Advertising Policy to Accommodate NFT Gaming

Google also expects that all advertisers comply with the local laws of whatever region they intend to target with their ads.

Non-fungible token (NFT) gaming is about to receive a major boost after Google revealed plans to update its ads policy. In a blog post, the tech giant confirms that the update, which takes effect on September 15, will now allow NFT gaming advertisements. However, Google also attached a condition that such advertisements would only be allowed if they do not in any way encourage gambling or closely related services. Citing the types of games included in its policy, Google’s post reads:

“NFT games that allow players to purchase in-game items, like virtual apparel for a player’s characters, weaponry, or armour with better stats, consumed or used in a game to enhance a user’s experience or aid users in advancing the game.”

Google Continues to Ease Stance on Crypto-Related Ads

With the new policy, it is interesting to see that Google may now be soft-pedaling as it concerns its earlier approach toward crypto-related adverts. Recall that, in March 2018, the tech outfit placed an outright ban on all crypto-linked adverts across all its platforms. At the time, the firm qualified its extremely cautious approach as ‘necessary’ after seeing enough consumer harm and the potential for more such harm.

Google soon began easing the ban though. As Coinspeaker reported in June 2021, it did start allowing some firms to advertise on its platform. But that was on the condition that they are duly registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

In its latest ads policy, however, Google will uphold its ban on advertisements for games that encourage players to wager their NFTs. That is whether they do so against other players or simply for prizes such as NFTs or crypto.

Similarly, Google will also maintain its ban on social casino games, such as poker and roulette, that compensate players with real-world prizes for staking their NFTs.

The firm has now announced that anyone willing to run ads that promote gambling-related content that involves NFTs must first “comply with the Gambling and games policy and receive the proper Google Ads certification.”

After this, Google also expects that all advertisers comply with the local laws of whatever region they intend to target with their ads.  In conclusion, the firm shared that the new policy will apply to all its global users.

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