Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) 2023 Wells Fargo Securities Healthcare Conference – (Transcript)

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) 2023 Wells Fargo Securities Healthcare Conference September 7, 2023 10:15 AM ET

Company Participants

Michael Bodner – Global Head of Heart Recovery

Andrew Greenfield – Worldwide President

Charles Simonton – Chief Medical Officer and Global Vice President, Clinical and Medical Affairs

Ashley McEvoy – Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman, Medical Devices

Conference Call Participants

Larry Biegelsen – Wells Fargo

Larry Biegelsen

All right. Good morning. I’m Larry Biegelsen, the medical device analyst at Wells Fargo and it’s my pleasure to host this session with the management team from J&J. With us, we have Ashley McEvoy, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices, as well as several members from the Abiomed team, Michael Bodner, Global Head of Heart Recovery; Andrew Greenfield, Worldwide President; and Chuck Simonton, Chief Medical Officer and Global VP of Clinical and Medical Affairs. We’re going to start with Abiomed because Ashley is running a few minutes late, but I’ve been told she will be here momentarily. So gentlemen, thanks so much for being here.

Michael Bodner

Thank you for having us.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q – Larry Biegelsen

So Abiomed has grown over 20% since J&J acquired it. What’s driving the strong growth?

Andrew Greenfield

Maybe, Larry, I’ll start a little bit. There may be some folks in the room who aren’t as familiar with us, but we have, as a company, a long history of double-digit growth. And so we have a structure of a growth company that whatever actions we take or influences from the macro environment are into a company that is built for growth in that environment. And that, again, has been pretty consistent for a long time. I think the other area for the technologies that we deal with, they are actually not a single technology in a single place. It exists in the catheterization lab, with interventional cardiologists, the operating

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