The Coca-Cola Company (KO) Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference (Transcript)

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference September 7, 2023 9:45 AM ET

Company Participants

James Quincey – CEO

Jennifer Mann – Head, North America

Conference Call Participants

Lauren Lieberman – Barclays

Lauren Lieberman

Let’s get started. The clock started moving, so we got to do this. So very happy to have The Coca-Cola Company here again this year. We’re lucky to have the company’s CEO, James Quincey; and the Head of North America Jennifer Mann. Great to have you both here.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q – Lauren Lieberman

So James, I’m going to kick off with you. What helps me like the biggest takeaway from our conversation here last year was the company’s unequivocal commitment to growth. And the past year has only reaffirmed both the validity of that top line led strategy and also profitability to execute against it. So what would you say is the most instrumental in helping to build in this year the momentum that you’ve had?

James Quincey

Yes. I mean just winding the clock like this time last year, I think there was a lot of questions as to whether we would grow EPS this year and, when we put our guidance, whether we were being too aggressive? And so in a way, we have tried to underline the point over the last year that we have an all-weather strategy. It seems to be that we’re in the mode of the world where every year, we turn up and something new and crazy has happened. And they’ll be, well, okay, this weird thing is happening this year. Can Coke grow this year?

And so we wanted to make the point, we can’t tell what the weather is going to be like next year or any particular year, but we have an all-weather strategy. We’ve focused

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