Rose’s Income Garden Is Green With August Dividend Yield Of 5.42%.

Retired Pharmacist 2010. My name is Rose and I “Nose or Knows” growing dividends on quality dividend paying stocks will keep portfolio income strong with a primary goal of a minimum solid 4+% yield.  Currently it sits at ~4.6% with ~18% cash awaiting value investing.  Solid total return just happens to follow when buying great quality companies with rising earnings and a margin of safety in price. The Rose Income Garden “RIG” portfolio currently holds 80 stocks/ investments, in all 11 sectors.

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Teller / The Fortune Teller.  The following list shows the # of stocks in each sector along with the largest holding. All stocks listings and statistics are presented at The Macro Trading Factory service alphabetically with sector, credit ratings, current and forward dividend information, yield, x-dates, pay dates, charts and more. All portfolio changes, sells and buys get a Trading Alert and a service article. 


– Quality, low debt companies with great credit ratings and selling at a fair or better price and with a safe and rising dividend.

– To keep defensive stocks/sectors at 50% Portfolio Income.

– Also needed is continued patience watching and waiting for it to happen. Doing nothing when others panic makes for success! 

Update: July 1, 2023.

How to join Macro Trading Factory: explained here:

Sectors and holdings are as suggested by Bloomberg.  Some positions are large and some small ; The service has listings for all 78 and shows all trading moves since inception late in 2021.

The largest holding is listed for each sector :

Consumer Staples (10 stocks): (PM) / Philip Morris

Healthcare (9) : (MRK ) / Merck

Communications- tele (3):  (VZ) / Verizon

Utility (9): (XEL) / Xcel Energy 

Consumer Discretionary (2): (HD) / Home Depot

Energy (7): (ENB) / Enbridge

Tech/ “fin-tech” : (4): (AVGO) / Broadcom

Industrial- Defensive (2): (LMT) / Lockheed Martin

Industrial (6): (SBLK) / Star Bulk Carriers

Material (2) : (FMC) FMC Corp.

Financial: (15):  (10) BDCs/ (ARCC) / Ares Capital, (1) bank, (1) ETF CEF , (1) BDC preferred and (2) mREIT

Fixed Bond (1):  STWD

-Financial Bond ETF (1): JPST for cash parking

REAL ESTATE (Healthcare REITs): (3) : (OHI)  / Omega Healthcare

REAL ESTATE Misc (6): (SPG) / Simon Property Group 

Cash: ~5.68%

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Trader.  I also belong to the service Wheel of Fortune run by his alter ego The Fortune Teller.  
Happy Investing to ALL !!!  Rose :))

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