eBay Inc (EBAY) Piper Sandler Growth Frontiers Conference (Transcript)

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) Piper Sandler Growth Frontiers Conference September 12, 2023 10:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Steve Priest – SVP & CFO

Conference Call Participants

Tom Champion – Piper Sandler

Tom Champion

And good morning everyone, I am Tom Champion, Piper Sandler analyst. I am joined today by Steve Priest, CFO of eBay. We’ve got about 25 minutes for the discussion. So I’ll ask a few here. And then at some point, we’ll open it up to the group for any questions.

Steve thanks for traveling to Nashville to be here with us.

Steve Priest

Thank you, Tom. Good morning, everyone. Good to see you.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q – Tom Champion

Steve, maybe to begin, why don’t you set the table for us a little bit? I know it’s been a re-imagination journey that eBay has been on the last couple of years under Jamie’s leadership and sort of alluded to maybe entering in a new phase here at 2Q and a little bit of a change in direction. Maybe you could kind of give us the overview of the strategy and what stage, what inning we’re in of the re-imagination?

Steve Priest

Yes. So again, good morning, everyone. Great to be here. Tom, thanks for having us. I think the way I would frame this is that we’ve been at sort of this strategic pivot for that three years, in terms of just changing the foundation of eBay, leaning into nonlinear season, and really thinking about this area of driving focused categories and building trust on the platform, while at the same time, really driving some of the tech debt as I would describe out of the business and focusing on innovation.

The strategy that was laid out at the last earnings call is just really an evolution in

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