Diesel Partners DressX for Exclusive NFT Fashion Collection

Diesel’s entry into the Meta Avatar Store aligns with the brand’s previous forays into the metaverse and its ventures into the world of NFTs.

Diesel, the iconic Gen-Z fashion brand known for its edgy style, is stepping into the metaverse with a bang. In collaboration with digital fashion house DressX, the company is launching an exclusive collection on the Meta Avatars Store, adding its name to the roster of luxury brands available in the store.

Meta Avatars Store is an online designer clothing store that allows fashion lovers to dress their avatars of different body shapes, skin, and hair textures with their favorite dresses from various collections available in the store.

New Diesel’s Digital Fashion Collection

The platform, launched by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, in June 2022, already boasts of many luxury brands such as Valentino, Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne, with Diesel being the latest to join the race with a collection of exclusive apparel.

Diesel’s new partner, DressX, also has its own branded collection in the Meta Avatars Store since last year.

According to reports, the new collection of digital clothes features ten signature Diesel looks that mirror the brand’s physical in-store offerings.

With this new collection, buyers can now wear their fashion-forward avatars, the company’s iconic denim jackets, jeans, and sneakers, while flaunting their virtual styles on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Quest VR.

Diesel to Release First Batch of Its Fashion Avatar Today

The Italian fashion brand said the first batch of five avatars is set to drop later today, September 14, while the other half will debut in the coming months.

Stefano Rosso, a board member of Diesel’s parent company OTB Group and CEO of OTB’s metaverse division BVX, said that working with DressX to bring the fashion avatars to life represents an exciting chapter for the fashion company and underscores its commitment to engaging technology with fashion.

Diesel’s entry into the Meta Avatar Store aligns with the brand’s previous forays into the metaverse and its ventures into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Rosso also said that the fashion company was the first subsidiary of the OTB Group to enter the metaverse.

“Diesel was the first of our brands to have a presence in the virtual space. We started with several NFT projects last year, which are very much in line with the brand’s DNA.”

Diesel’s New NFT Launch Provides Access to Milan Fashion Show

The introduction of the new fashion avatars comes after the company’s NFT launch on September 12 in collaboration with Public Pressure, an NFT music marketplace.

The partnership saw the launch of 300 digital collectibles minted across Polkadot and Polygon, each accompanied by exclusive access to Diesel’s upcoming runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

According to Rosso, the company believes that virtual space will be the future of fashion for many reasons, as it offers brands the opportunity to showcase their creativity and interact with the younger generation.

He also noted that the company plans to create exclusive virtual items designed specifically for its metaverse presence in the future. However, he stressed the importance of a holistic approach where the brand’s physical and digital realms are harmonized, which is exemplified by the inclusion of Diesel’s latest in-store collection in the metaverse.

Furthermore, Rosso expressed optimism about augmented reality (AR) transforming the landscape of digital fashion.

“I believe that AR will really change the game,” he said. “The arrival of revolutionizing visors could really allow people to see virtual clothing on people walking on the street in the future.”

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