Japan Tobacco: Accelerating Growth Justifies A Higher Valuation (OTCPK:JAPAF)

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Liudmila Chernetska

1. Introduction

Japan Tobacco Inc. (OTCPK:JAPAF) is one of the 5 biggest tobacco companies and faces several challenges due to regulations, proposed bans for some of its products and continuously growing awareness of the health risks of

ticker P/EBIT P/E P/B

yield (%)/

payout ratio

revenue growth (p.a./6 years) stock momentum
OTCPK:JAPAF 3.9x 10.2 1.5 5.7/0.58 3.8 positive
BTI 5.2x 7.1 1.3 9.3/0.66 6.2 negative
OTCQX:IMBBY 5.2x 7.1 2.0 8.4/0.61 3.1 negative
MO 13.3x 9.7 negative 9.3/0.90 1.1 negative
PM 13.8x 15.8 negative 5.4/0.85 2.8 neutral

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