Jeremy Hogan Says Case Likely to Be Resolved by 2027

Per Hogan, considering where the case currently stands, only two outcomes are possible going forward.

The ongoing SEC vs Ripple case has dragged on for quite a reasonable amount of time (approximately 3 years) now. With so much back and forth and no end in sight for the case, many concerned parties are beginning to raise concerns.

The growing concerns are linked to the fact that the case, which was opened in December 2020, potentially holds immense influence on the crypto industry. That is especially true as it concerns the way the industry would be regulated henceforth.

SEC vs Ripple Case to Be Resolved By 2027, Says Lawyer

Jeremy Hogan, a well-known lawyer, recently took to his X (formerly Twitter) page to outline how and when he believes the case will end. Hogan suggested that a resolution could be reached by 2027.

Per Hogan, considering where the case currently stands, only two outcomes are possible going forward. The renowned legal analyst says that the SEC may opt to settle the case against individual defendants. If that happens, he believes that the regulator will then seek a final judgment against Ripple before heading to an appeal court if the judgment is not in its favour. Although Hogan does not exactly see the SEC toeing this path, he believes it will be the best decision for the agency.

By Hogan’s estimations, taking this route would save the SEC between 9 to 12 months for it to reach an appellate court. But more than saving time, it will also help the SEC to save resources.

After the settlement of individual defendants, the suit would automatically enter into the “remedies” proceedings stage. However, remedies litigation is extensive, so that may likely extend well into 2026, the legal juggernaut says.

The alternative route, according to Hogan, is that the SEC may settle the entire case against Ripple and all the individual defendants. However, it must be noted that, so far, the SEC has refused to show any willingness to compromise on its stance. Nonetheless, this is a possible scenario that could arise during a settlement conference, Hogan submitted.

What Next?

As Coinspeaker earlier reported, the court recently denied the SEC’s interlocutory appeal. However, popular expert opinion is that the said denial only pertains to the kind of appeal that precedes a  final judgment.

Popular legal analysts such as Cody Carbone, Elliott Z. Stein, and Max Schatzow are all in agreement on this.  They insist that post-trial appeals remain on the table of options as demanded by standard litigation procedures. However, that is after all remedies must have been determined.

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