Microsoft: “The” Big Five Tech Company (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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In this article, I’m going to analyze Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), which has been one of the world’s largest companies for over two decades. I analyze Microsoft’s history, and business lines in addition to incorporating a valuation analysis

Name Market-cap ($ million) Enterprise value ($ million) P/E (FWD) P/B (FWD) EV/Sales (FWD) EV/EBIT (FWD)
Apple 2,770,000 2,720,000 29.2x 47.2x 7.1x 24.0x
Alphabet 1,740,000 1,660,000 24.6x 6.0x 5.4x 19.4x
Amazon 1,320,000 1,430,000 58.4x 6.8x 2.5x 50.1x
Meta 811,000 795,000 23.6x 5.4x 6.0x 18.7x
Median 26.9x 6.4x 5.7x 21.7x
Max 117% 636% 24% 131%
Min -12% -16% -56% -14%

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