U.S. Physical Therapy Remains Overpriced (NYSE:USPH)

Working on Balance

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Just like when it comes to chess or any other activity, part of becoming better at what you do involves learning from your weaknesses and improving on them. When it comes to investing, one of the weaknesses that I have is that I

Company Price / Earnings Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
U.S. Physical Therapy 40.7 16.4 19.8
Select Medical Holdings (SEM) 15.1 7.5 9.5
Encompass Health (EHC) 21.1 9.8 10.1
Pennant Group (PNTG) 25.6 16.9 13.8
Community Health Systems (CYH) 1.3 1.5 7.0
The Oncology Institute (TOI) N/A N/A 7.0

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