Serial Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Bitcoin Price Rally to $135K Fueled by Fiat Inflation

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad expects the prices of Bitcoin (BTC), Gold, and Silver to rally in the near future as every government around the world prints more money pushing inflation to a multi-year high.

Popular entrepreneur and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki issued a prediction for Bitcoin (BTC), and top precious metals amid heightened volatility in the crypto space. According to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin price is well positioned to rally towards $135,000 in the near term. His BTC price prediction follows a recent rally induced by a fake update of spot ETF approval that has awakened FOMO crypto traders. Notably, Bitcoin price has been retesting the resistance zone above $30k and below $32k for the third time year-to-date.

With a notable spike in Bitcoin’s traded volume, crypto experts believe BTC price is well positioned to rally beyond $32k towards $40k amid the ‘Uptober’ crypto bullish narrative. Moreover, the recent Bitcoin rally beyond $30k is supported by a notable spike in altcoins traded volume.

Macro Analysis on Bitcoin Price Action by Kiyosaki

With the fourth Bitcoin halving less than six months away, Kiyosaki is confident the supply vs demand shock will propel the mother coin above $100k towards $135k. With the United States Federal Reserve leading other global central banks in printing more fiat money out of the air, Kiyosaki is confident of an imminent breakout soon. Moreover, a notable institutional demand fueled by the recent spot Bitcoin ETF frenzy has instilled confidence in the long-term prosperity of digital assets over fiat currencies.

The ultimate growth of Bitcoin is largely supported by the diminishing returns of Gold among other precious metals. Moreover, Bitcoin price has grown about 147 percent since August 2020 compared to 18 percent for Gold, which has motivated MicroStrategy Inc (NASDAQ: MSTR) to continue accumulating more coins.

Nonetheless, Kiyosaki is confident the precious metal industry will continue to grow in the near future as the demand heightens. Precisely, Kiyosaki thinks Gold will soon break above $2k and rally towards $3,700. According to the latest market data, Gold derivatives with the US dollar traded around $1979, up 3.3 percent in the last five days.

As for Silver, Kiyosaki issued a prediction of $68, which is almost tripling from current prices of about $23. He concluded that dollar holders should purchase Bitcoin and precious metals to hedge against impending implosion.

Bigger Picture

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets is largely pegged to the ability of decentralized financial (DeFi) developers to build infrastructure capable of onboarding billions of global users seamlessly. Moreover, smart contracts will enable more enterprises to build applications that everyday users can interact with easily. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and other digital assets remain speculative investment instruments meant to hedge against high inflation and help investors navigate different sanctions created by the geopolitical crisis.

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