Google Unveils New Generative AI Image Tools to Enhance Product Advertising

In addition to the AI generative AI tools, Google has introduced a set of fresh features aimed at supporting and promoting small businesses, providing them with increased visibility in the digital marketplace. 

Google, one of the leading global technology companies in the United States, has announced the launch of a series of powerful AI-driven tools aimed at revolutionizing product advertising for businesses in the country.

According to an announcement on November 1, the newly launched tools are available for merchants and advertisers through its AI-powered studio called Product Studio. The studio was specially designed to empower sellers in diversifying their product and lifestyle images featured on e-commerce listings.

Google Rolls Out AI Tools for US Merchants

During the launch of the studio in May, Google said the tools would be available in a variety of countries to provide merchants with a competitive edge in a crowded market, to enable them to stand out against competitors.

The company has now officially released the product in the market, according to an announcement on Wednesday. Google’s Product Studio is available to all  Merchant Center Next and Business Profile users in America.  and other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and Brazil.

Additionally, the company said the AI feature is also accessible on Google & YouTube shopping apps on Shopify to enable businesses to easily update product imagery using generative AI and make it easier to display important shop information to attract new customers.

Traditionally, creating diverse product imagery has been a time-consuming and expensive process, often necessitating extensive photography sessions; however, with the new Google tools, businesses can now create their product images using a simple prompt.

The tools also have the ability to enhance the quality of low-resolution images without the need for costly reshoots, making it a budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes.

Google Launches New Features to Promote Small Businesses

In addition to the AI generative AI tools, Google has introduced a set of fresh features aimed at supporting and promoting small businesses, providing them with increased visibility in the digital marketplace.

Like the AI generative tools, these new additions are set to empower small retailers and help them stand out in the competitive online sphere.

Starting from November 1, small-scale retailers can now signify their business as a “small business” on Google Search and Google Maps. This identification will be displayed through a “small business” label on the products listed on Google Search and on the business information showcased on Google Maps. This move is intended to simplify the shopping experience for customers, allowing them to easily identify and support small businesses during their online searches.

Furthermore, Google has announced an update to the knowledge panel, enhancing the information displayed during retailer searches. Apart from the traditional details such as business location and the number of employees, the knowledge panel will now feature additional shopping information, including ongoing deals, shipping and return policies, customer service details, and ratings and reviews. This comprehensive showcase of information aims to provide customers with a holistic understanding of the businesses they are interested in and facilitate informed decision-making during their shopping experience.

Matt Madrigal, VP and GM of merchant shopping at Google, emphasized the importance of these new features, particularly during the bustling holiday shopping season.

“The holidays are one of the biggest opportunities for merchants to connect with new shoppers – so showing up strong and authentic to your brand is key shopping. This year, we’re introducing new features to help you stand out to customers, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season,” said he.

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