The Simpsons Delve into NFTs in Latest Halloween Special Episode

Non-fungible tokens and blockchain appeared on The Simpsons.

During the recent  Halloween special episode of The Simpsons, one of the longest-running TV series in the United States, the beloved animated family, took a playful swing at the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the crypto industry, making viewers chuckle and sparking conversations about the show’s modern relevance.

The new episode titled “‘Wild Barts Can’t Be Token”, aired on Sunday night, tickling audiences with its comical take on digital collectibles and blockchain technology.

Bart Transforms into NFT

The episode opened with Bart’s unexpected transformation into an NFT while his mother, Marge, went on a mission to save him from the blockchain technology.

Following Bart’s transformation into an NFT, Marge and Homer are visited by a trio referred to as “the enlightened intellects who safeguard the crypto-verse”.

The group is made up of Kylie Jenner, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Fallon. However, Jenner was the only one in the scene that spoke with her real voice.

Through the help of Jenner and her friends, Marge was able to rescue her son. However, before going on the mission, she was shown in another scene being prepared for the mission, with “the enlightened intellects who safeguard the crypto-verse”, turning her into an NFT with an encryption key for the mission.

Jenner and her friends described the passkey as a back door through the blockchain’s cryptographic protocol, warning her to quickly grab Bart and get out of the blockchain once she’s inside.

After the rescue, Marge’s husband Homer chose to become an NFT. However, interest in digital artwork decreased shortly afterward, depicting the NFT crash in 2022.

Springfield’s Art Gallery to Become NFT

On the other hand, the city’s Mayor also announced in another scene that Springfield’s art gallery would be fully digitalized and turned into NFTs.

Similarly, the scene also included appearances of popular NFTs including Beeple and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, cleverly mirroring the ongoing buzz surrounding digital art and crypto.

While analyzing the episode, Noah Bolanowski, an NFT collector and adviser to Crypt Gallery said on Twitter now X that he loved how The Simpsons portrayed the emerging economy.

“Loved how the episode had an incredible art emphasis – the PFPs were painted largely as bottom of the barrel, whereas art was positioned at a level of prestige. They even had BAYC holders cleaning their feet,” he said.

Aside from the NFT-themed narrative, the Halloween special episode also featured a segment titled ‘Ei8ht’, delving into the realms of true crime and psychological thrillers, presenting a darker and more compelling storyline compared to the NFT-centered plot.

The last segment, ‘Lout Break’, incorporated the show’s classic humor, exploring safety regulations and online misinformation in typical Simpsons style.

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