SandRidge: Continues To Generate Substantial FCF As It Minimizes Spending (NYSE:SD)

Oil field site, in the evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected in the water


SandRidge Energy (NYSE:SD) generated $24.2 million in free cash flow in Q3 2023 as it spent a minimal ($0.5 million) amount on capital expenditures in the quarter.

Due to the lack of development spending, SandRidge’s daily oil production declined

Realized Prices Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023 FY Guidance
Oil (% Of WTI) 98% 92% 97% 97% to 100%
NGLs (% Of WTI) 32% 22% 27% 30% to 35%
Natural Gas (% Of HH) 100% 58% 53% 60% to 65%

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