Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET) Presents at Raymond James TMT & Consumer Conference (Transcript)

Arista Networks, Inc. (NYSE:ANET) Raymond James TMT & Consumer Conference December 5, 2023 1:40 PM ET

Company Participants

Ita Brennan – CFO

Liz Stine – IR

Conference Call Participants

Simon Leopold – Raymond James

Simon Leopold

Thank you very much folks for joining us. My name is Simon Leopold, Raymond James’ Data Infrastructure Analyst, and I am pleased to welcome for our fireside. We have with us from Arista. We have Ita Brennan, CFO, retiring in a few months. So, we are grateful that you are spending your remaining time with us; and Liz Stine, who is running the IR department.

So format for this is fireside chat. I have got an outline of questions that I will go through. But love to get questions from the audience. If you wave at me, I will try to try to call on you and we will repeat questions or we will check in towards the end to see if you have got any questions. Do you need to read any disclaimer or anything like that? Okay, awesome. I hate when I am responsible for that.

Ita Brennan

We could have made you responsible for that.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q – Simon Leopold

I know. It is too much for me. You’d think I’d have it memorized by now. So, I want to sort of reflect back on the recent Analyst Day because you provided an outlook for ’24 longer-term. And so, I like the timing of our meeting because in December, everybody’s thinking about 2024. So you forecast this 10% to 12% outlook. Help us get a better understanding of what informed you in terms of whether it’s thinking about the verticals, the trends, the cycles, back up what led to a 10% to 12% growth outlook for the next year?


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