Anotherblock to Release Michael Jackson’s First-ever Studio Demo on Blockchain

Per the announcement made by Anotherblock, the project will have two packages – the open edition and the limited edition. I

Swedish Web3 music startup Anotherblock will release the first Michael Jackson’s studio demo as a digital vinyl on a blockchain-based platform. Jackson and his brothers recorded the track titled Big Boy (One-Derful Version)  in July 1967. The song went on to become the first for the Jackson 5. 

Company CEO and co-founder Michel Traore expressed his thrill at his involvement in retelling the story of the early days of Jackson 5. Additionally, he highlighted it took the team about six months to piece everything together. Traore is eager to observe what the audience’s response is to music in this format.

“Doing this drop as a digital vinyl on-chain makes it possible to build stories and community around the song and elevate it beyond being just a commodity,” he concluded.

Michael Jackson’s Demo to Be Available in a Limited Offer Package

Anotherblock is collaborating with Recordpool, the owner of the recording on this project. Per the announcement, the project will have two packages – the open edition and the limited edition. Invariably, fans will enjoy access to the recording and a digital gallery with images of the master tape and song stems. This will further affect the auditory experience.

The open edition package is available for $25. It includes the Big Boy (One-Derful Version), accessible through Anotherblock’s player. Likewise, it contains images of master tape and agreements, downloadable song stems, and a digital vinyl B-side.

The limited edition includes everything in the open edition newly designed artwork, nine additional songs, and stems from the Steeltown sessions of 1967. It costs $100. Starting July 7, both packages will be accessible within a limited 48-hour period.

Anotherblock: Revenue for Charity

Meanwhile, Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, is happy about the release. She believes the musical heritage of the Jacksons deserves a place in the digital age.

“It is a testament that the Jacksons’ story, just like our music, remains timeless. And the best part is that some proceeds will go to a local foundation to help the families of Gary, Indiana,” she concluded.

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