Hormel Is A Historic Buy, And So Are These 6%-Yielding Dividend Aristocrats (NYSE:HRL)

Retro Styled Man Celebrates in Falling Money


What a month for the stock market.

The S&P 500 (SP500) just had its 18th-best monthly gain since 1950.

The only problem is that stocks are now trading at 19X forward earnings, a 13% historical premium.

Classification S&P LT Risk-Management Global Percentile

Risk-Management Interpretation

Risk-Management Rating

BTI, ILMN, SIEGY, SPGI, WM, CI, CSCO, WMB, SAP, CL 100 Exceptional (Top 80 companies in the world) Very Low Risk
Enbridge 96


Very Low Risk

Strong ESG Stocks 86

Very Good

Very Low Risk

Foreign Dividend Stocks 77

Good, Bordering On Very Good

Low Risk

Ultra SWANs 74 Good Low Risk
Hormel 70 Good Low Risk
Dividend Aristocrats 67 Above-Average (Bordering On Good) Low Risk
Low Volatility Stocks 65 Above-Average Low Risk
Master List average 61 Above-Average Low Risk
Dividend Kings 60 Above-Average Low Risk
Hyper-Growth stocks 59 Average, Bordering On Above-Average Medium Risk
Dividend Champions 55 Average Medium Risk
Monthly Dividend Stocks 41 Average Medium Risk

Screening Criteria Companies Remaining % Of Master List
1 Dividend Kings List (any stock with a 50+ year dividend growth streak) 46 9.20%
2 BHS Rating “reasonable buy, good buy, strong buy, very strong buy, ultra value buy” 36 7.20%
3 Non-Speculative (No Turnaround Stocks, investment grade) 31 6.20%
4 13 Ultra SWAN Quality 21 4.20%
5 Yield of 3.7+% 5 1.00%
Total Time 1 minute

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