Acomo Offers Strong Dividend Yield With Potential For P/E Expansion (OTCMKTS:ACNFF)

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Acomo (OTCPK:ACNFF), a Dutch small-cap entity in the food and beverage sector, currently holds a 7% dividend yield, portraying its status as a dividend stock in the market. As the company continues its growth trajectory towards becoming a midcap entity, the market’s perception of

As of 12/01. Acomo Olam Wilmar ADM Bunge JBSS McCormick Hormel Foods
Dividend Yield 7.08% 7.50% 4.71% 2.44% 2.41% 0.87% 2.59% 3.69%
FCF Yield 12.2% 5.20% ~11.87% 5.50% 2.36% 9.83% 4.48% 4.65%
Market Cap USD $0.54B $2.86B $17.3B $39.3B $16.0B $1.06B $17.4B $16.7B

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