Namada Launches RPGF Airdrop, Releasing 65M $NAM Tokens to Community

Anoma Foundation’s Namada launches its RPGF airdrop to eligible participants on the network.

In a press release this Wednesday, Anoma Foundation, the parent developer of the Namada ecosystem, announced its Namada RPGF (Retro Public Good Funding) airdrop for communities and individuals who helped in building and funding public goods. The RPGF Drop aims to disburse 65M $NAM tokens (6.5% of total supply) to eligible participants starting on 6th December 2023 and ending on 28th December 2023 at 9 AM UTC. Eligible contributors and participants can start to claim their tokens as soon as today.

Namada is a large-scale experiment on on-chain mechanisms that can sustainably fund public goods, especially those that are often under-produced or underfunded. Additionally, the platform itself is a public good that is built on top of many other public goods, needing several communities to come together to make it a success. Since its launch, Namada has welcomed Public Goods Funding (PGF) stewards, who control expenditure from the PGF treasury to fund public goods, researchers and developers, who have built and created zero-knowledge proofs, tooling, and learning resources on Namada and other contributors from the communities across the Zcash, Rust, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), interchain, and public goods funding ecosystems to enhance its funding ecosystem.

The latest airdrop aims to acknowledge and thank these contributors for their role in building and funding public goods across the blockchain. According to the statement, the RPGF Drop will airdrop 65M $NAM tokens to 7,094 researchers and developers, ​​191,715 on-chain accounts and Bad Kids, and 2510 contributors in the Trusted Setup, who are eligible to claim $NAM tokens during the period stated above. Eligible participants can submit their Namada genesis accounts through The submitted accounts will be included in the Namada genesis block proposal with the corresponding claimed NAM tokens. As soon as Namada mainnet goes live, RPGF Drop participants will have access to their submitted accounts directly on the chain.

The Developer and Researchers’ Rewards

The RPGF Drop is eligible to participants who helped Namada build and fund public goods, separating them into six main categories: Zcash R&D & Rust developer ecosystem; researchers on ZKPs, cryptography public goods funding (CPGF), privacy and learning; researchers and developers on interchain public goods, shielded ecosystem, and public goods funding mechanisms; the shielded community on Namada; Gitcoin donors of ZK Tech and Crypto Advocacy; and Namada trusted setup participants.

Every Zcash R&D and Rust developer who made at least 2 commits across these Namada’s GitHub repositories will share 4.75 M $NAM tokens with those with 20 or more commits eligible to share 6.75M $NAM tokens.

Public contributors to ZK protocols who made at least 1 post on in zk-s[nt]arks, Cryptography, and Privacy categories will share 175,000 $NAM tokens, and researchers who made at least 1 post on on other categories will share 325,000 $NAM tokens. Developers who made at least 2 commits (465 developers) across these GitHub repositories will be eligible to claim 2,150.54 $NAM tokens each, with those with at least 15 commits (350 developers) across all repositories claiming 17,142.8571 $NAM tokens each. The GitHub commits and posts were checked on the 30th of November 2023, at 10.45 am UTC.

Researchers and developers who contributed to researching, building, and experimenting with alternative public goods funding mechanisms, such as quadratic funding and voting and RPGF programs are eligible to share 8.5 M $NAM tokens, with contributors who made at least 2 commits across these repositories sharing 1.5 M $NAM and those with at least 10 commits sharing 7 M $NAM tokens.

Community Members Set to Receive 37.5M $NAM Tokens

The RPGF Drop will also reward stakers of $ATOM, $OSMO and the Baddest Kids (known as the Shielded Community) as they look forward to building a bigger community once the mainnet launches. Owners of at least one BadKid NFT on Stargaze will receive ~300 $NAM tokens each, as per the snapshot conducted on the 13th of November 2023 at 16:00 UTC.

Stakers on the Cosmos Hub and Osmosis, with at least $100 USD staked will be ranked by staked amount multiplied by their activity score (method used Celestia’s genesis drop). The top 10% stakers will share 10 M $NAM tokens, the top 10% to 50% will share 5 M $NAM tokens and the rest will share 2 M $NAM tokens. The snapshotted blocks were the last block before the 1st of November 2023, specifically block 17660694 on the Cosmos Hub and block 12146298 on Osmosis.

Excluding Sybil accounts on Gitcoin, voters and donors of ZK Tech and Crypto Advocacy projects on Gitcoin’s GR rounds will also be rewarded with 17M $NAM tokens. This will include Gitcoin donors who donated to ZK Tech projects in GG rounds 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17 and donors who donated to Advocacy in GG rounds 12, 14, 15, and 17. The disbursement will be ranked by the total USD donated across all rounds.

Participants in the Namada Trusted Setup Ceremony held from November to December 2022 will also share 500,000 $NAM tokens.

Upon Namada’s mainnet launch, eligible participants will receive their corresponding $NAM allocations in the genesis block proposal made by the Anoma Foundation. The native tokens will allow users to secure the network, participate in governance proposals via voting, donate to and submit stewards proposals on public goods funding and pay for transaction fees and shielded actions.

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