Oasys Network Announces Strategic Partnership with Fireblocks to Enhance Web3 Gaming Experience

The partnership between Oasys blockchain and Fireblocks will help web3 developers focus on building immersive games that entail seamless fluidity without worrying about securing digital assets.

The web3 gaming industry has been touted as the best channel to onboard millions of new users to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As a result, Oasys blockchain, a layer one (L1) network focused on optimizing the web3 gaming industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Fireblocks LLC, a New York-based software development company focused on empowering organizations to seamlessly venture into the digital asset realm. According to the announcement, the strategic partnership between Oasys and Fireblocks will reduce the entry-level requirements for gaming developers to build a scalable and secure interactive game.

“Game developers want to focus on creating compelling games, not worrying about whether their digital assets are being managed securely and efficiently,” said Stephen Richardson, Head of APAC and Managing Director of Financial Markets at Fireblocks. “The integration of Fireblocks into the Oasys ecosystem represents a significant leap forward in making web3 gaming more accessible, secure, and developer-friendly.”

Web3 Gaming Industry in Safe Hands with Oasys and Fireblocks’ Partnership

According to Daiki Moriyama, executive director of Oasys, the close collaboration with Fireblocks marks a major milestone in the mission to enrich blockchain-gaining technology in the coming years. Moreover, Fireblocks’ products are used by leading web3 projects and financial institutions including BNY Mellon Corp (NYSE: BK), BNP Paribas SA (Euronext France: BNP), ANZ Bank, Flipkart, Revolut, eToro, and NuBank, among many others. Worth noting that the Fireblocks infrastructure has secured more than 170 million wallets, thus making it the best candidate to work with Oasys.

“Fireblocks’ unparalleled expertise in blockchain security aligns perfectly with our mission to enable game developers using the Oasys chain to focus more on creative endeavors and less on the complexities of moving, storing, and managing digital assets. Together we are laser-focused on setting a new standard for secure and seamless game development in web3,” Moriyama noted.

The Oasys blockchain has inked notable partnerships in the recent past in a bid to secure sustainable future growth prospects and give its gaming products a cutting-edge competitive advantage. For instance, Oasys recently announced a strategic collaboration with Singularity cross-chain payment solution to enable multi-chain secure transactions for gamers. In September, Oasys blockchain announced a strategic partnership with GroundX, a subsidiary of South Korea’s mobile giant Kakao, to help onboard more users into the Web3 gaming industry.

Market Implications

The partnership between Oasys blockchain and Fireblocks is a huge welcome to the OAS coin holders. Notably, the OAS coin is the governance token used in enabling the Oasys blockchain among other community incentives. According to our latest market data, the OAS coin traded around $0.064 at the time of this report, up approximately 39 percent in the past four weeks.

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