Reebok Launches Accountable Ant Sneakers Collection with VeeFriends

Following the announcement of the sneakers collection, VeeFriends unveiled a special early access program for its token holders.

In what is fast becoming an ongoing collaboration, Reebok has partnered with VeeFriends again to launch an exclusive collection of sneakers dubbed Accountable Ant Classic Nylons.

Earlier in August, the duo partnered to launch the VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca sneaker, which sold for $90 apiece. The new launch is likely an attempt to build on the momentum generated by the previous collaboration.

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VeeFriends, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership. Vaynerchuk emphasized the deeper meaning behind the collaboration. “This isn’t just about fashion,” he stated. “It is a nostalgic nod to our journey, reminding us of the incredible path VeeFriends is paving.”

Describing the Accountable Ant Sneakers Collection

Aligned with Reebok’s vision to empower individuals to achieve their full potential, the Accountable Ant sneakers collection means more than regular footwear. Inspired by the VeeFriends character “Accountable Ant”, they represent hard work, commitment, and progress.

The sneaker collection features a clean and minimalist design in two different hues: White/Black and Black/White. The highlight of the sneaker is the Series 2 Accountable Ant artwork imprinted on the tongue of each shoe. Thus, the artwork is expected to act as a regular reminder to be accountable and stay committed to one’s goals.

Built with both style and functionality in mind, the sneakers utilize a combination of suede and vintage nylon overlays. Again, it features a padded foam sock liner and an EVA midsole for cushioning and support respectively. Per the announcement, the shoe collection is available for $90 in unisex sizing to appeal to a larger audience. Purchases can be made on Reebok’s website and

VeeFriends Token Holders to Enjoy Presale Access

Following the announcement of the sneakers collection, VeeFriends unveiled a special early access program for its token holders. Series 1 Accountable Ant token holders can claim one free pair of sneakers for every token.

From December 12th to 14th, all VeeFriends NFT holders can pre-order up to 5 pairs of the Accountable Ant Classic Nylon sneakers. This extended access window allows them to secure their desired size and hue before the public release.

Once the presale ends, the sneakers will be officially available to the world from December 15th, 2023. This way, non-token holders can also snag up pairs of the sneakers.

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