Viatris Inc. (VTRS) BofA Securities 2024 Health Care Conference (Transcript)

Viatris Inc. (NASDAQ:VTRS) BofA Securities 2024 Health Care Conference May 14, 2024 1:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Doretta Mistras – Chief Financial Officer
Philippe Martin – Chief R&D Officer

Conference Call Participants

Jason Gerber – BoA Securities

Jason Gerber

All right, everybody, we’re going to get going here with our next company presenter at the Bank Of America Annual Healthcare Conference. We got Viatris. And joined with us is CFO, Doretta Mistras, and Philippe Martin, Chief R&D Officer. So thank you both for joining us.

My name is Jason Gerber. I cover [indiscernible] Biotech and Specialty Pharma. And so, yes, let’s jump into it. I think a big part of the Viatris story, I think, of late has been solidification of the base business, some divestitures and then strategic pivoting to more long dated, durable growth, specialty brands at a high level.

Question-and-Answer Session

Q – Jason Gerber

Maybe we can start with the base business in terms of where the company is at with its key regions and where you’re seeing the most momentum, where you’ve got a little bit of work to do, perhaps markets like Jan’s, where I know you guys have flagged, looking to do some things to offset some of the kind of pressures in that segment? And maybe we’ll start there and then go into other deeper questions.

Doretta Mistras

Yes, great. First, Jason, thanks for having us. We’re incredibly excited to be here. And we’re on the back of reporting earnings last week. And I would say, in summary, we feel good about where we are both from a continued execution perspective, as well as kind of the business, continuing to deliver as we expect in terms of our key strategic priorities, you mentioned a few of them in terms of continuing to focus on closing our divestitures, repaying down our debt, continuing to deliver capital to

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