How To Achieve A Tennis Girl Aesthetic

Let’s talk about tennis attire. Maybe it’s the rise of retro sports gear or the new Challengers movie. Or maybe it’s the emergence of pickleball. One way or another, it’s evident that the tennis look is BACK! And since I love a good styling post, (for example, the best jean shorts or sneakers to wear with dresses), today I’m going to discuss how to style tennis clothing. I’ll touch on my favorite activewear brands and share some tennis skirt outfit ideas for both on and off the court.

Tennis Attire Brands

When it comes to putting together a tennis skirt outfit, I am constantly looking for items that are both functional and fashionable. I love finding pieces that can be styled for the courts, but also for a weekend look. Some of my favorite brands right now include Tnuck Sport, Addison Bay, and Staud Court. Now, if you are heading to play at Wimbledon, you might need to look elsewhere for high performance gear that has lots of built in athletic features. However, for me, these brands hit the perfect mix of performance and style.

Tnuck Sport

Tuckernuck makes some of my favorite clothing and accessories for any occasion, so it’s no surprise I love their Tnuck Sport line. Their quality for the price is unmatched. When it comes to tennis, they have an array of styles that are both practical and chic. For example, you could pair this scalloped active skirt and this easy polo with this classic cable sweater for an everyday tennis skirt outfit. Plus, if you happen to belong to a club that still requires tennis whites, Tnuck Sport is an amazing option. They have a huge selection of true whites that follow the tennis whites rules! Check out my top seven Tuckernuck finds for more favorites from this brand.

Addison Bay

You have seen me gush about Addison Bay in previous posts, including this one and this one. The brand has a knack for great color combinations and unique details. Additionally, I find the quality to be top-notch! Addison Bay has true tennis performance items, such as their racquet dress and everyday skirt. They also have an amazing selection of casual on-the-go pieces, like their Delancy pullover, which layers well for a low-key tennis skirt outfit. I own this piece in several colors!

Staud Court

Staud continues to expand their collections to include more categories. Most recently, they launched swim and Staud Court collections! Unsurprisingly, both extensions of the brand have been so well done. In my opinion, Staud Court has some of the chicest tennis gear around. Some of my current favorites include the Rally skort and this Cross-Court tennis dress

How to Style a Tennis Skirt Outfit

Now that I’ve highlighted a few of my current favorite brands, let’s chat about how to style a tennis skirt outfit. Naturally, you could pair a white tennis skirt with a white top for a classic look. However, nowadays there are so many additional fun options. Colorful skirts, layered sweaters, unexpected shoes…I like to play around with it all! Here are a few different ways I’m bringing the “tennis girl aesthetic” both on and off the court.

Tennis Skirt Outfit: Athleisure Style

I like to call this category “faux sporty”! An athleisure look is great for times when you aren’t actually going to play a match, but you still want to look a little bit sporty. For this vibe, one option would be pairing a pleated tennis skirt with a poplin shirt and a classic pair of Adidas sneakers (I own and love this pair). To give this tennis skirt outfit a more polished look, I would add this leather purse. Want another option? If you are into navy, you could pair this striped tennis skirt with these white sneakers and this mix stripe sweater. This look would be darling with this navy bag, which is currently a personal favorite of mine.

Tennis Skirt Outfit With Mesh Flats

Sometimes combining two trends is too much. But in this case, I love it. I am really into throwing on an easy tennis skirt with a great pair of mesh flats. I know mesh flats are not for everyone – This was very apparent from the slew of DMs I got the first time I wore this pair. However, they have really grown on me! I love the idea of wearing this black pleated tennis skirt with these black mesh flats and this top. You could keep this tennis skirt outfit casual, yet polished, by adding this slouchy tee and this mid-sized tote, both in black.

Tennis Skirt Outfit With Preppy Loafers

Now, for a no-brainer combination, pair tennis attire with a preppy loafer. This white tennis skirt with pops of red and navy would be perfect for this type of outfit. It also just happens to be one of my current favorites! For a preppy look, I would pair it with these red loafers, (which are super comfortable), a great white tank, and this timeless sweater jacket. If you really want to take the prep to the next level, simply add a pair of socks!

Fall Tennis Skirt Outfit

Right now I am sure it is impossible to think about cooler temps, but they will be here before we know it. As you know I love fall dressing. The layering! The textures! The deep hues! When it comes to styling a tennis skirt for fall I would lean in hard to plaids and tweeds. I love the thought of this cream tennis skirt paired with a great turtleneck sweater like this one. To complete the look I would add a plaid blazer, over the knee socks and a platform loafer. I also think this look would be amazing with a pair of classic riding boots.

Tennis Girl Aesthetic

What are your thoughts? Are you loving the tennis girl aesthetic as much as I am? Honestly, this is a look that never really went out of style for me! However, I am having fun playing around with new ways to style these skirts. I plan to continue wearing them into fall (layered under sweaters, blazers, sweatshirts, etc.) If you’re looking for more tennis outfit ideas, check out this previous post. And for additional styling tips, have a peek at my white pants outfit ideas, sneakers to wear with dresses, and how to style wide-leg jeans.

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